Our Story

Our Story

The founding members of Lancer Allies have the shared experience of having attended the same multiracial high-school - Ulysses S. Grant High School in Van Nuys, California. Race relations among the student-body at Grant were not perfect. Too often students defaulted to hanging out with members of their own race, and diversity was not encouraged.n

nAlthough our world has evolved in the past 40 years, not nearly enough has changed. Many in our group have taken to the streets in protest of institutionalized racism. All have posted online about their desire for equality. This momentum must continue, or we risk falling back into old social patterns that will not foster a lasting transformation.

Our Beliefs

We believe that diverse friendships enrich our lives individually and improve understanding between all communities.

We believe that through education and the exchange of ideas and personal experiences, we can learn from each other and take those lessons into every aspect of our lives.

We believe that the triumphs and failings, the efforts and sacrifices of our forefathers shall not be forgotten.

We are the history-makers now and we have the capacity to create a rich, colorful world where all individuals will be treated with dignity and respect.

Our Hope

By opening ourselves to new friendships and taking the time to know each other as adults, we can begin the peaceful revolution that we all want to see in this world.


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