Published: 20190803
Genre: Economics, Politics, Memoir

Capitalism Killed the Middle Class

by Dan McCrory

Once upon a time, you could work for one company your whole adult life, you could make a decent living, and you could buy your piece of the American Dream.

This book is part memoir and part political statement as it follows my thirty-seven-year career at the phone company that began in 1973, about the time economists say worker pay flatlined. The telecommunications industry was ripped apart, absorbed, and gobbled up by each other until, within a few years, Ma Bell had reassembled itself into the corporation that had stifled innovation for almost one hundred years and provided steady dividends and a secure family atmosphere for employees. Capitalism Killed the Middle Class also examines the present political and economic systems rigged against us, and it gazes into the future for a path to a more secure and prosperous quality of life for our children.

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