Published: 25/01/2021
Genre: Social Activist Biography

From The Sandbox to the Cell Block

by Joseph P. Langdon

From The Sandbox to The Cell Block is a story of how one man’s wrong choices as a young boy caught up in his surroundings lead him into a dangerous life of crime. Struggling to survive he continued to make bad decisions that in the end cost him 22 years of his life in the Department of Corrections. Continuing to survive by any means necessary Joseph P. Langdon fought thru the oppression to become a better man. To not continue to succumb to the negativity of his surroundings and to pave his way to redemption.

Take this journey inside of the mind of an inmate as he serves his 22 years sentence, educate and redeem himself as well as finding his purpose. As he is now on his road to redemption by sharing his experiences to motivate others to learn from his mistakes and make better choices as well as giving insight into the prison system.

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