Published: 20150803
Genre: Black & African American Poetry

Lilies in the Valley

by Cedric Tillman

Cedric Tillman’s poems are straightforward and full of rich details. These poems unfold with rhythm and resonate with remembering; they have much emotional appeal, depicting pop culture, family life, blues, violence, love, religion, and history. Lilies In The Valley is a serious and daring book. –Lenard D. Moore, author of Forever Home

Cedric Tillman’s Lilies in the Valley is poetic scripture. Rooted in culture, family, love, and the word, Tillman proves that sacredness can drive verse and keep it fresh like newly baked biscuits. This is modern poetry but grounded in the past. It is hip-hop and Sunday morning, church dinner chatter, love and happiness, Carolina shouts and sermons, a new voice ready to testify and do so in a way that no one has yet done before. –Brian Gilmore, Finalist, 2013 Willow Books Literature Awards

In Cedric Tillman’s poetry we find the struggle, humor, and beauty of life held in a delicate balance. Exquisitely rendered in lines that at times take your breath away and at other times make you laugh or ache, Tillman’s voice sings a song of himself and of many. You’ll want to hear how varied his song can be, conveying the despair of working in retail, the depths of black Christianity, the joys and constraints of marriage, the pain and comfort of knowing your people. A fine collection of poetry complex, nuanced, and real. –Pereira Malin, author of Light Both Brilliant and Unseen: Conversations With Contemporary Black Poets and professor of English at UNC-Charlotte –This text refers to the perfect edition.

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