Published: 14/12/2020
Genre: Civil Rights Law

Southern Justice

by Governor Henderson, Jr.

When an employee of the US justice system encounters discrimination and corruption in an entity that should be upholding fairness and equality, not only toward victims of crime but also toward their own employees, what response should be given? Henry Blaze Wisper, an experienced and highly regarded law enforcement investigator, decided he couldn’t sit back and do nothing, so he confronted the higher powers in a law enforcement agency in the southeastern United States, publicly taking a stand for integrity in the district attorney’s office. He fought for fairness and justice toward fellow law enforcement personnel as well as victims of crime. As he strove to uphold the tenets and principles of the US Constitution, he gave others courage to fight their own battles and to be an example that the fight is worthwhile.

Fairness and justice can prevail, but it is up to everyone to remain involved and to be bold in addressing the shortcomings and failures of the system within which we have to function. This story details the ways in which the criminal justice system can become crippled, and the three-year fight Henry undertook that cost him his job, a chance for promotion, and lost wages. He had to uproot his family and move from the area, but he remains firm that the fight to uphold standards in such a critical arena is important in spite of the personal cost. His wish is that others will find the courage to confront injustice and unfair practices they encounter and stay committed to making the world a better place for all.

“The truth can be costly, because it holds the possibility of revealing things people are unwilling to accept.” –Governor Henderson Jr.

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