Published: 17/06/2003
Genre: History & Philosophy of Science, U.S. History

The Einstein File

by Fred Jerome

Einstein arrived in the United States in 1933, the year the Nazis rose to power in Germany. From that moment until he died in 1955, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI—with other agencies—feverishly collected “derogatory information” to undermine the renowned scientist’s influence and destroy his reputation.

With material accessed under the Freedom of Information Act, Fred Jerome reveals the depth of, and the reasons for, this massive anti-Einstein campaign. He also uncovers Einstein’s strong political commitments that have been conveniently buried under the image of the absent-minded icon genius. Whereas Einstein said on several occasions, “My life is divided between equations and politics,” Jerome delves into his little-known political half-life.

This new updated edition presents new information about Einstein’s political involvement and commitment, so detested by the FBI. This includes his very close relationship with Paul Robeson and their collaboration in fighting racism; his brilliant insights on Israel and Zionism; his opposition to nuclear weapons; and his life as an organizer. Fred Jerome concludes that if Einstein were around today, he “would put his knee to the ground with Colin Kaepernick, he would be front and center in opposing the warmongers and the neo-McCarthyites, be they Democrats or Republicans, he would speak out against those who give themselves the right to recolonize Asia and Africa, he would probably be part of the BDS movement, and would surely call out the Confederate-flag-waving marchers in Charlottesville (and elsewhere).”

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